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Book review: The Shadow Jumper by J.M. Forster

The Shadow Jumper by J.M. Forster

Review by Burhan Yurtseven aged 9

The Plot.
I found this book really fun to read  as when you are reading the plot you are intrigued by the current mission then another mission appears in the storyline! This made the story an incredibly fun and enjoyable gripping to read.                                                                                                           

The characters 
Beth was a cautious character, very organised and knew what she wanted in life. I like people who are strong minded in this way.
Aunty Lil was a joyful, happy and cheerful character that made me laugh at her expressions that she thought her jokes were funny but they were not.
Jack was described and me feel that he was cool and amazing with the way he could jump off roofs from building to building.I was fascinated with his talent which made me feel like he was gifted.

My opinion

I thoroughly enjoyed the book as whilst reading it I loved the way I was able to build a picture in my mind. Once you were involved in the story it was popping with a new matter.

I loved the fact that a character like Aunty  Lil was added to the story as her ferocious jokes that were not funny made me laugh.
Beth’s parents death story was a sad part where I could feel and only imagine the pain.
Jack explored a building at night which taught me any exploring at night cannot be safe especially in unfamiliar grounds and surroundings.

I would most definitely recommend this book as it was gripping to read throughout! All I wanted to do was progress through it reading the chapters to find out what happens next… I loved the fact we were left with many mystery questions unsolved in the end.


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