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Poetry at The Story Room

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When people ask us why a child should read, write or listen to poetry we always refer them to The University of Cambridge’s article… The Case for Children’s Poetry because it says it all!

If you don’t have time to read it – in a nutshell it says

‘Children’s responses to poetry are innate, instinctive, natural’

‘It enlarges the sympathies, helps us understand ourselves better, gives us the pleasure of vicarious experience and offers us insights about being human’

‘The poet and teacher, Charles Causley,  sums up neatly why children are a worthy audience for poetry : “For the child possesses by nature that valuable quality all adult artists seek to retain or regain: the ability of being able to view the world … as if for the first time … unblurred by time or experience or tact or expediency.” ‘

And we quote the Poetry Society too –

The Poetry Society says: Pupils who read and write poems become skilled in using language carefully…..The language skills they gain will benefit them in all areas of the curriculum and beyond.

In short, poetry is good for children in so many ways. It teaches them to look at language in another way and to find other ways to express their feelings and the world around them. Writing poetry with children is sheer pleasure. They never cease to amaze us with their ability to write poems that are always either beautiful, funny, honest and tragic (or a mixture of all of those things.)

Whether your child is taking their first steps in poetry or wants to improve their poetry skills… we believe The Story Room is a good place for them to be. We love poetry, read all sorts of poetry (there really are so many forms of the art) and have had poetry published and performed in public.

And the children love it! So why not try one of our poetry workshops…..


Thursday 26th October

Poetry Magic

There is always magic to be found in words and poetry, especially when the poems are written by children. In this workshop we will work with the children using poetry, music and the garden (weather permitting)  to inspire the poets within each of them.

Workshop run by… Helena

Time: 9.30am to 10.30am  (yrs 1-2)

10.30 to 12.30pm (yrs 3-4)   1.00pm to 3.15pm (yrs 5, 6 and 7)

Location:We are in the newly refurbished ….Friends House,  59 Church Hill, London N21 1LE

Fee: £15.00 for years 1 and 2 £25.00 for all other sessions.

There is a ten per cent discount for siblings who book onto the same workshop date.

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