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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone!! THANK YOU ALL for your amazing support this year… we are so lucky to have such wonderful parents and carers who bring their children to The Story Room. And we are truly blessed to have the workshop leaders that we have. We have all loved every minute of writing and creating with your children and very much look forward to seeing you all in the 2019!

Wild About Books Club

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We are so excited about our new club…. Come and share in our passion for books and words!

At the Story Room we are Wild About Books…. and words…! These workshops are bookable as a block of four. Over that period your child will read one book (we supply the books). They will discuss the book, do creative writing tasks based it, and vocabulary and comprehension exercises to help develop their understanding of what they are reading. There may even be the opportunity to dress up and re-enact parts of the story! Each session will lead your child to a deeper appreciation of the story and the characters.
Our first book will be the wonderful and magical The Sword in the Stone but T.H. White.

Saturdays Dates:  12/01, 26/01, 9/02 , 23/02
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Age group: School years 4 and 5
Fee:£130.00 (includes all materials)
Group size:A maximum of 8
Who is running the club: Ben 
Location: Friends House, London N21 1LE

Book Review – Wolves of Willoughby Chase

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The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

                          Book review by Rosa aged 7

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is a book about a girl called Bonnie, her cousin Sylvia and Bonnie’s friend Simon. They go on an adventure to escape the clasp of the supposedly “evil” governess, Miss Slighcarp (also Bonnie’s fourth cousin once removed), with the help of Pattern the maid and James the footman.

This book made me feel sad at times but when I felt sad, as soon as I read the next part, I almost always felt happy again! I enjoyed this book because it was very exciting!

I would recommend this book to generally ages 8/9+. I would also recommend this book to you if you enjoy the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.   

Cogheart – Book Recommendation

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Dear Peter Bunzl, We recently read Cogheart at our  Book Club with our charming group of children in school years 4 to 6. They all really enjoyed it. They have written you some lovely letters and drawn some amazing illustrations. We hope you enjoy reading them.  Best wishes, The Story Room

Despite the fact that I do not like fantasy, I loved it! I thought a mechanical fox was a stupendous idea. My favourite character was definitely Robert as her liked to take the main risk at everything.  R.S.

I am writing to you regarding your book: Cogheart! I enjoyed this very much and liked reading it. I loved Lily because she was adventurous and brave. I would love to have a mechanical fox like Malkin one day. I love how you described the characters. However, I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been so convenient. I still loved this book though. I would rate it 8.9 out of 10. Maria-Nephele.

I thought your book Cogheart was good.  I liked the setting, I could visualise the places you described. Lily was my favourite and i liked the beginning when the Dad and the fox were in the sky in the zip and Malkin was given the task of finding Lily. I thought some parts of the plot were convenient in places. I would love a mechanical fox like the one in the book.


I enjoyed the idea of this book. I would give it 8.5 out of 10. This is because I liked the whole world of the mechanical people animals and things. I think the book was slow in some places. I loved the setting and really enjoyed reading about the stalking men.  James

The  book is REALLY COOL! I love it. Especially the mechanical animals. I am hoping you will write another book! QUESTIONS: Do you have pets? Which football team do you support? Katerina


  • Cogheart is my favourite book ever. The story of Lily, Robert and Malkin was exciting and dangerous. You made it very tense as the silver eyes men came onto the stage. It was very surprising and unexpected when Mr Silverfish, Lily’s godfather, he turned out to be a traitor. I like the appearance of Anna in the story. They were thinking they had to fight Anna when she started being nice to them. From your description you make it sound as if she is one the the life savers in the story. You make it seem like she isn’t stuck up like Alice and seems to like her mechanicals as friends. She sticks up for Molly when she needs help and gives her advice and keeps a mechanical fox called Malkin. Though you make it go all gloomy when Lily is thrown into the cold, dark bunker. You make Lily’s childminder sound as if she enjoys having a nice little chat with Mr Roach. It’s creepy when Mr Roach gives Lily the sweet.My favourite character in Cogheart is Malkin the fox because he is a very brave character like Lily and a smart mechanical fox to go and find Lily at the start of the book. Robert is also brave, trying to accept that his father is gone. He must have been angry at Lily and Malkin at the start but he calmed down when he remembered that Lily hadn’t got a mother or a father.

    Thank you for writing Cogheart. I couldn’t put it down.