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Class Poem

When we have a little spare time at the end of a workshop we like to write class poems and we just had to share this one with you because it is sooooooo good! We had spent the class writing discussing Michael Rosen’s Sun Sounds poem and decided to have fun writing a poem about Moon senses, so an acrostic poem for the end of the lesson seemed right. This is what the children wrote. We hope you love it as much as we did!


My Moon 

My magnificent moon smells like melting roasting marshmallow

Your menacing moon tastes like slimy pukish pickle

My mindfulness moon feels like a fluffy white rabbit 

Our black moon boomed like a bomb

Our magical moon smells of freshly baked lemon, layered vanilla cake

Now our moon is as pink as raspberries.

by Shavaiz, Georgina, Anoushka, Michael and Vihaan 

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