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Draw with Rob – review

Review by Dalila Letaief


Amazing Animals

Author: Rob Biddulph

Illustrator: Rob Biddulph

Publisher: HarperCollins GB, £7.99

Publication Date:  4th August 2022 

Format: Paperback

ISBN: ‎978-0008479015

For ages: 4-10

Type: Drawing Book

You might be familiar with Draw with Rob the YouTube videos, well known for keeping many of us busy during Covid and lockdown. I do remember having fun doing these tutorials.

Since the start of these videos tutorials, many Draw with Rob step-by-step books have been published. This is a review for one of them published last year in 2022 about drawing amazing wild animals: Draw with Rob, Amazing Animals. However I shall also mention the original Draw with Rob book too, since I received both of them.

This particular book about amazing animals is designed for children aged 4 to 10 but in my opinion teens and adults can use it too. All of Draw with Rob books have a colourful design that is recognisable yet they are all very unique. I like that it looks familiar yet each book offers something new and different to do. This book has many games (including quizzes and dot to dots) and even has a card game, so it is a very interactive book.

Amazing Animals starts with a world map with drawings of wild animals so is very educational too and include some geography and other wild animals that are not in the step-by-step drawing. There is however a step-by-step for the world whale record included in this book. Rob Biddulph books are very colourful but are also not very expensive, so for 64 pages Wild Animals is a good deal.

You even get a certificate for completing the activities in the book and what is even better about this series of books is that the pages can be easily removed and framed. So you can also display the art work once completed.

If you have not tried this series yet, Draw with Rob the original and first book in this series published in 2020 has characters from Rob Biddulph story books. Rob has in fact written many children’s books so it is fun to be able to read and then draw the characters from his books. Here are a few of those we have:

If like me you have drawn most of the characters in the original Draw with Rob book using the youtube videos, you may consider it as a gift. My little brother had a fantastic time with the book when it came out. These books make perfect gifts to encourage drawing, writing and knowledge about nature and animal. Also a book is great to take away on holidays, to use on the plane, to use at bed time and when internet cannot be always used.

In the original Draw with Rob book I particularly like the all about me page where you can write about your favourite things. There is also a selection of tick boxes with drawings to personalise how you look. Then you can draw your self-portrait and personalise it. You can view some of my draw with Rob drawings on my blog. Needless to state I am a huge fan.

Special thanks to HarperCollins for sending me two lovely Draw with Rob books to review. I cannot wait for Rob Biddulph next book to come out very soon. Draw with Rob In Space is out August 2023.

Review by Dalila Letaief

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