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In praise of teenagers



Our teens writers are such talented young people who are in deserve of praise.  We have youngsters who have been with us since they were 7 (and are now 14) and some who are new, but each new addition to our teens group makes the group better and better as they all learn from each other and share in the love of writing. They make me laugh each session and make the world a better place to be in. Here is some of their poetry.

Helena Steel



Rising and Falling by Oma Umo-Chinda

The dusk goes

With the last glimpse of moon

Before the morning begins

And I savour my last glimpse of night

Until the sun arrives


The day goes by

Yet again the same routine

And I watch the birds perch

On the church outside the window

And smile at them as they swoop down again


I come to the end

Of piles and piles of paper

Of broken lead and pencil shavings

And the ink left on my hands

After 6 hours of bored sketches


The world wanders by

The stations called out every other minute

I lay back on the worn blue train seat

That has housed the memories

Of hundreds of people past


I come out feeling cleansed

No longer burdened by regulation school blazers

But in the warm embrace

Of my bed clothes

And the evening has come again


The sun slowly fades

And with it the stress of the day

The moon a better replacement

Than the brightness of the daylight

With the night comes a calm darkness


The house silences over time

By 1 the TV is resting

And so will I soon

But I want to stay awake

Just to savour the rest of today



Because tomorrow is a new song

And I will sing its glory too

To the rain

To the hills

And to the city


And the school day is over

Just to start again tomorrow

Praise for books and imaginations   By Marcie Mott

An unmoving block,

Of paper and ink,

A boat still in the dock,

Down with it you sink.

Humans with imagination unseeing,

Don’t feel the joy of a world so freeing.

Humans with no will to read,

Don’t see the world bloom from a tiny seed.

But people with imagination true,

Felt the books to be a rescue,

Through pages and chapters and words a many,

And laughed, since they felt joy instead of feeling empty.

With books in front,

Happiness is not hard to hunt,

As a vivid scene played in their head,

As if from a cinema as they read.

Praise life for books and imaginations true,

And how our minds are given a massive virtue,

How books take us, save us from the real world,

And how our imagination swirls and hurls,

Praise life for books and imaginations true,

And how without them our lives would be so blue.

Praise for you  by Isabel Dempsey
praise your eyes
from which you see
praise your legs
they carry you anywhere
let them be free
praise your stomach
in all its glory
praise your birthmarks
they’re yours
they tell a story
praise your arms
their strength and beauty
praise your brain
that holds all of your knowledge
who cares if your moody
praise your body
your vessel, your home
it’s yours to keep
to care for, to treat
don’t kick it around like an old garden gnome

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