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My Amazing ADHD brain

ADHD and children

My Amazing ADHD Brain – A Child’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD  is written by Emily Snape.

In this brightly coloured and enticing book, Pip, a monster with ADHD,  explains what ADHD is and shares what ADHD means for them and how it affects their life. We learn about the things they can find tricky and things that they find come more naturally. On each page we have ‘Pip’s Tips’ –  advice on living with ADHD, such as how to control impulses and be more mindful and organised. The book is full fun: crazy inventions, stinky socks, a colourful collections of monsters and even super-slimy mud pie!

The books aims to help a child to: ADHD and children

  • Understand what an ADHD diagnosis can mean for them. 
  • Celebrate the wonderful strengths having ADHD can offer. 
  • Reframe negative assumptions about ADHD. 
  • Discover practical ideas and engaging activities. 
  • Explore the idea of self-regulation and making mindful choices. 

These aims are definitely met in this lovely book.  The book is extremely positive and accessible. The layout, the font, the pictures all work together to create a book that is engaging and captivating.

Roughly 129 million children have ADHD worldwide, although many children live without a diagnosis. As a tutor and educator I think this book is brilliant and extremely important.  This book won’t only help children who have ADHD but it can be shared with all children. It is likely that a child will be at school with someone with ADHD so this book will help them to have a good understanding of neurodivergent minds.

We loved how Pip says, ‘ My ADHD characteristics are the things I LOVE most about myself and actually make me EXTRA brilliant at certain things!’ an important message for children with ADHD that is delivered and reinforced throughout the book. 

I only hope that Emily Snape, the author,  goes to on write more books. Her passion and knowledge of the subject matter shines through in Pip’s voice.  I am looking forward to one for teens and one for parents.

If you want to find out more about her latest publishing news on instagram, please visit @emily_snape_illustrator.

I have already started recommending this book and hope that you find it a helpful tool for your children.


Helena Steel


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