This is a basic guide to the workshops The Story Room offers. We are entirely flexible and can mould the workshops to your students’ needs.

Poetry Workshops

In our poetry workshops we help the children discover something that they already have; a natural talent for writing poetry.   Through poetry readings and class games we encourage them to explore the world in a way that they never have before, resulting in them writing some unique and original poems.

During our poetry workshops, any outside space that the children have available to them can be incorporated to help them gain inspiration for their writing.

Spanish Poetry

This workshop has grown from our love of language. The children will explore the sounds of the Spanish language with a native speaker. Using both English and Spanish they will write poems that are exciting and distinctive.

We recommend this workshop to Primary Schools where Spanish is already taught as a modern language, however, we can adapt it for any classroom.

The Storyteller’s Plot

This workshop is divided into three building blocks: Beginning, Middle and End. In these blocks, using games to stimulate creativity, we will develop characters and settings and introduce the idea of conflict and resolution. Each child will produce a complete story at the end of the three blocks.

The Fear Factory

Children love scary stories and if they have written them themselves, even better. So where to begin? With the use of sounds, music and props children are inspired to write terrifying stories that keep the reader wanting more. We teach children how to build up fear and suspense in stories and how to develop their ideas so that the reader is completely hooked.

Vile Villains

In this workshop children get to do what they love best: create the vilest of characters. Using literary villains as a springboard, we will look at how to bring truly horrid characters to life on the page. Your young writers will be invited to spend some time in the company of their villains, getting to know them before they write about them. With the use of props,  children will decide on the character’s name and all the other details that will make their character come alive.

Down the Rabbit Hole

This workshop appeals to the wild imagination of children and shows them there is no limit to what they can achieve if they listen to their creativity. With readings from classic tales and discussions of other strange worlds in literature, the children will be immersed in the world of the weird and wonderful, preparing them for entry into their own fictional worlds. Who knows where their imaginations will take them?