Please note that we amend these Terms may change from time to time. Before making a booking, please check this page to ensure you understand the Terms which will apply at that time. These Terms were most recently updated on 12th June 2018


Making and paying for your booking.

  • All bookings must be made using our Booking Form on the website. If for any reason you are unable to submit your booking via our web booking system, regardless of payment method chosen, a 10% administrative fee will be added to your order.
  • All bookings must be made using our Booking Form and paid for within forty-eight hours of the date of the confirmation email we send you. Bookings not paid for within that time will be released and no chasing emails will be sent.

Cancelling your booking:

  • Cancellations are possible up to 7 days before your workshop date.  Please note that a cancellation fee of £5.00 for each workshop will be deducted from the refund.
  • No refunds can be given for cancellations of individual Book Club session or any of our course dates where the payment is part of a block booking or an ongoing course.
  • Cancellations to block bookings must be done at least seven days before the start of the block booking. In the case of Book Club, the cost of the books for the forthcoming sessions may be deducted when that expenditure has already been incurred by The Story Room. An admin charge of £10.00 will be deducted from your refund and if you request the books to be posted to you then that postal charge will be added to your invoice.

Payments made in error

  • If we receive a mistake payment e.g if you pay twice for a workshop or mistakenly transfer money into the account – there is a £10.00 admin fee that will be deducted from reimbursements.

Amending your booking:

  • You can request to change to an alternative workshop session up to 7 days prior to your workshop subject to availability. An administration charge of £5.00 for each amended date will be payable. If there are no spaces available on alternative sessions then we regret that we can only accept a cancellation if it is at least 7 days before your workshop date.
  • Student names can be changed once a booking has been made but you must notify us in writing (by email) and the new student must complete a Booking Form.


  • All our staff hold up-to-date DBS check certificates.
  • The Story Room holds a comprehensive Public Liability Insurance policy, a copy of which is available to see on request.
  • The Story Room has a Child Protection policy which is available to see on request.
  • It is the responsibility of the person completing the Booking Form to ensure that they inform The Story Room of learning difficulties the student may have e.g. disabilities, educational needs,  ADHD, ASD, speech and language difficulties. Failure to notify us at the time of booking makes it impossible for us to put measures in places to provide for the student’s needs.
  • It is the responsibility of the person completing the Booking Form to ensure that they inform The Story Room of any medical conditions or allergies that the student has.
  • If a student joins our workshops with a medical or educational need that we did not know about, we reserve the right to cancel their booking if it is determined that we do not have the resources to meet the student’s needs and safeguard them properly.
  • If the student carries an auto-injector e.g. EpiPen, asthma pump or needs any other medication they must bring it with them or they will not be permitted to take part in the workshop and no refunds will be given.
  • Your booking asks for you to provide an emergency contact number for the student. It is the responsibility of the person completing the Booking Form  to ensure that the number  provided is correct and is for the person who will be dropping off/collecting the student at the venue.

Student Behaviour

  • The Story Room reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove a student whose behaviour at The Story Room is deemed  disruptive or inconsiderate. Where these circumstances exist, The Story Room will be under no obligation to return any fees.


  • The Story Room reserves the right to cancel workshops in unforeseen circumstances or where the number of bookings is not the minimum required to run the workshop. You will be given as much notice of the cancellation as possible in writing and will be offered an alternative date or a full refund of fees paid
  • Where circumstances beyond our control mean that we need to make changes to an advertised workshop, including changes to workshop leaders, location, timings, and the workshop programme, we reserve the right, without liability, to make such changes and will promptly notify you in writing of these changes.


  • The Story Room does not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal belongings, including valuable items, brought into any of our venues and workshops. We ask that children under the age of twelve do not bring mobile phones into the sessions with them and that children over the age of 12 have their phones turned off at all time. The Story Room is not responsible for any items left at the venue by the student and may dispose of any such items if not claimed and collected by you within fourteen days of the end of the workshop/course.