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What happens in one of our creative writing sessions?

What happens in one of our creative writing sessions?

The format of our sessions is pretty much the same whether we are online or in person.

We always start with some inspiration for the children – whether it be listening to some music, studying a piece of art, or reading poetry or short stories/extracts from books. For example if our workshop was entitled ‘Treasure’ we might talk about real discoveries of treasure and show some photos of treasures found. We would discuss the photos and the expedition that uncovered them. We would link this with a piece of literature or a poem about treasure which we would discuss.

The children would be given worksheets on which the poetry or story extracts would be printed and maybe some vocabulary to help them with their story.

The children might be given a warm up 5 minutes writing exercise – something easy and fun.

We would then discuss possible story ideas for their writing, structure and how to get the writing onto the page. We have written poetry, stories, adverts, letters and newspaper articles in our sessions.  If it can be written and is fun and a challenge to write, we have tried it!

The children are given time to write and then the share their writing, if they wish.  We usually find that even the most reserved child  would like to share their story as they are proud of what they have achieved in the session.

Our aims in the sessions are:

  • to increase confidence in writing
  • to increase confidence in oral participation in a group
  • to enhance a child’s knowledge of the world around them
  • to improve writing ability
  • for the children to learn and have fun!

We hope this helps and that you will give one of our sessions a try.

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