FAQs – Book Club

Your BOOK CLUB questions answered:

What is Book Club?

Book Club is a once a month meeting where we get together to read and talk about books. During each session the book clubbers are given a book to read and then on their return, the following session, we  discuss the book and the themes that arise from it. When relevant we arrange activities for the children based on the book. In the past we have played Scrabble, learnt Morse Code, answered quizzes and even learnt some German. Our book clubbers are invited to review the books and their reviews can be sent to the authors and/or uploaded onto The Story Room website.

What is the aim of Book Club?

Children love to talk about books they are reading and so do we at The Story Room! This club gives them the opportunity to discuss books with a group of their peers and to look at the themes and characters in depth. Our aims are that your child will grow in confidence, improve their comprehension skills and develop a love of reading.  We aim to expose children to a variety of literature and to introduce them to books that they otherwise may not have chosen.

What reading age will the books be for?

We recognise that all book clubbers will be at different reading levels and abilities so over the course of the months we will inevitably choose books that some children will find easier/harder than others. We will endeavour, however, to find texts that suit everyone. If your child struggles to read the text then  you can read the book with them or to them.

How long does my child have to read the book?

They have the time between the dates of each monthly session to read their book. Each session will be approximately 4 weeks apart, during term-time only.

What if my child does not finish the book?

We aim to give the children books that they can realistically complete in the time given. If your child is a reluctant reader or if they find reading difficult, then the books can be read with an adult at home. If they do not complete it, they should still come to the following session. We want Book Club to be fun… not a chore.