The Story Room – Now in Victoria SW1

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We are very excited about our new Creative Writing Club in Victoria. The club will be run by Katherine Lockton and will take place the second Saturday of every month. Each Saturday we write stories and poems in line with the theme of the day!  We introduce the children to different styles of  literature during each session,  including classic texts, poetry and contemporary children’s books. We have fun exploring our imaginations and getting the children’s ideas down on paper.

For 8 to 11 year olds

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Our Dates:

Saturday 8th September

Saturday 13th October

Saturday 10th  November

Saturday 8th  December

Location:  Victoria Library: 160 Buckingham Palace Rd, Belgravia, London SW1W 9UD

Creative Writing Finchley N2

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Come to Miriam’s Mondays at East Finchley Library for some creative writing fun!

Monday 23rd July 2018

10am to 12pm 
The ‘Hairy Toe’ Spooky Poetry Workshop
We’ll learn all about how to create ATMOSPHERE in our writing – specifically, a spooky atmosphere. In this workshop we will write poems that will have you on the edge of your seats.

Monday 30th July 2018

10am to 12pm 

The Small and Beautiful Haiku (Japan)
As well as being quick and easy to write, haiku help us focus on the world around us at a micro level. The limited number of syllables per line will help us pay more attention to our choice of words. We’ll take inspiration from nature and from our own lives to create tiny poems with enormous power.

Monday 6th  August  2018

10am to 12pm 

Animals in Stories:
What If Your Dog Could Talk?

Animals have strong and varied personalities. In this workshop  we’ll choose animals that are full of personality and ‘translate’ each of their traits into human qualities to create funny new character. Then we’ll set our characters free into our stories and see where they take us.

Monday 13th August  2018

10am to 12pm 

 Mysterious Maps
Maps have a fascinating history and can be works of art in themselves. As well as appearing in finished books, they’re a great way of starting stories; by building a rich world with its own rules, sights and sounds, possibilities emerge. We’ll look at a variety of real and fictional maps, create our own maps and imaginary worlds.

Fee: £27.50 for each session.
Address: 226 High Rd, London N2 9BB



To contact us email:

Caroline Green – Author Workshop

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Saturday 28th April

We have the pleasure of welcoming Caroline (Cass) Green to run a workshop with our writers on Saturday 28th April . Her books for young adults have won many awards  and her latest novel for adults, ‘In a Cottage in a Wood’,  is a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.  Caroline has years of experience teaching teens. Caroline also runs workshops for adult writers and is involved in mentoring schemes. We are very excited that she has agreed to come to The Story Room to run an exciting fantasy workshop and pass on some of her wisdom to our teen writers. She has a gentle manner and tonnes of enthusiasm that will inspire novice and experienced teen writers.

For more information about Caroline please visit

Praise for‘Cracks’By Caroline Green

‘If you devoured The Hunger Games, (this) will hit the spot.
Green’s fast-paced thriller is a standalone novel, and you’re on
her hero’s side all the way…entertaining, funny and thoughtfu
Amanda Craig, The Times

‘Caroline Green’s thriller is taut and suspense-packed 
right up to the last page.’
Financial Times

‘Beautifully crafted, fast-paced thriller in which nothing is as it seems. 
More like this please.’
The Independent

Time of Workshop:3.30pm to 5.00pm
Location:Friends House, 59 Church Hill, London N21 1LE

Fee: £25.00 .- please book in advance to avoid disappointment .

If you have any Caroline Green books at home bring them along for Caroline to sign.

Cogheart – Book Recommendation

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Dear Peter Bunzl, We recently read Cogheart at our  Book Club with our charming group of children in school years 4 to 6. They all really enjoyed it. They have written you some lovely letters and drawn some amazing illustrations. We hope you enjoy reading them.  Best wishes, The Story Room

Despite the fact that I do not like fantasy, I loved it! I thought a mechanical fox was a stupendous idea. My favourite character was definitely Robert as her liked to take the main risk at everything.  R.S.

I am writing to you regarding your book: Cogheart! I enjoyed this very much and liked reading it. I loved Lily because she was adventurous and brave. I would love to have a mechanical fox like Malkin one day. I love how you described the characters. However, I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been so convenient. I still loved this book though. I would rate it 8.9 out of 10. Maria-Nephele.

I thought your book Cogheart was good.  I liked the setting, I could visualise the places you described. Lily was my favourite and i liked the beginning when the Dad and the fox were in the sky in the zip and Malkin was given the task of finding Lily. I thought some parts of the plot were convenient in places. I would love a mechanical fox like the one in the book.


I enjoyed the idea of this book. I would give it 8.5 out of 10. This is because I liked the whole world of the mechanical people animals and things. I think the book was slow in some places. I loved the setting and really enjoyed reading about the stalking men.  James

The  book is REALLY COOL! I love it. Especially the mechanical animals. I am hoping you will write another book! QUESTIONS: Do you have pets? Which football team do you support? Katerina


  • Cogheart is my favourite book ever. The story of Lily, Robert and Malkin was exciting and dangerous. You made it very tense as the silver eyes men came onto the stage. It was very surprising and unexpected when Mr Silverfish, Lily’s godfather, he turned out to be a traitor. I like the appearance of Anna in the story. They were thinking they had to fight Anna when she started being nice to them. From your description you make it sound as if she is one the the life savers in the story. You make it seem like she isn’t stuck up like Alice and seems to like her mechanicals as friends. She sticks up for Molly when she needs help and gives her advice and keeps a mechanical fox called Malkin. Though you make it go all gloomy when Lily is thrown into the cold, dark bunker. You make Lily’s childminder sound as if she enjoys having a nice little chat with Mr Roach. It’s creepy when Mr Roach gives Lily the sweet.My favourite character in Cogheart is Malkin the fox because he is a very brave character like Lily and a smart mechanical fox to go and find Lily at the start of the book. Robert is also brave, trying to accept that his father is gone. He must have been angry at Lily and Malkin at the start but he calmed down when he remembered that Lily hadn’t got a mother or a father.

    Thank you for writing Cogheart. I couldn’t put it down.


Varjak Paw – Book Recommendation

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Dear SF Said,

We recently read Varjak Paw in our Book Club for school years 4 to 6 and they all really enjoyed it. It was a very popular choice and was received and read with much enthusiasm.

I promised to send you some of our Book Clubber’s questions and comments… so here goes….

  • I thought Varjak Paw was a good book. Do you have children? If so, do you ever read your stories to them?
  • I really like Varjak Paw. It was really exciting and fun. I especially loved ‘the way’. It was so cool how Varjak could do lots of amazing things. I will read your other books. Maybe Sally Bones gets territorial and they have battled but Varjak find out that there is another skill in the ‘they way of Jalal’ that has been buried in history.
  • I thought the book was brilliant I thought that the action was amazing and the mystery bits added tension. I would rate it 9/10
  • I would rate Varjak Paw by SF Said (3 stars out of 5) Because you didn’t know much about the mysterious lady. How did she die? Or the man? Why did he want to turn the cats into robots?
  • I think Varjak Paw is very interesting when he went from a boring life as a pet into a wild cat. He was very clever at finding out that the gentlemen were dangerous.  I think Holly is a very important because she told Varjak Paw that the vanishings were happening.
  • I couldn’t put Varjak Paw down. I loved it!

Thank you for reading our comments and writing such a wonderful book.

Kind regards,

The Story Room.