Ironheart by Allan Boroughs

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  • 19th October 2014



REVIEWER: Christian, aged 16

Ironheart is a thrilling adventure that tells the tale of India Bentley’s quest to unlock the secret of Ironheart and her father’s disappearance. In the book she travels to remote Siberia along with her newly acquainted friends aboard The Beautiful Game, though she isn’t the only one who wants to find Ironheart. Others are fighting to find it though for very different reasons. If she fails to get there first the whole of humanity could pay the price.
Ironheart is a great read for anyone above the age of ten, though I would similarly recommend this to an adult as many of the ideas are sophisticated yet easy to understand. You won’t get bored as the fast paced action propels you through the tension and descriptions that proceed it.

REVIEWER: Oliver Zhao, aged 10

Ironheart – by Allan Boroughs

 Released in 2014, this new book entice all science-fiction lovers. Set in the future with a touch of fantasy, a girl named India sets off on a perilous journey to the remotest place on the Earth: Siberia. “The fate of humanity is in her hands.”


With a journey to Siberia, Allan Buroughs knows what it is like there. This book was inspired by his travels. Find out more at his own website:http//


 Since her father disappeared, life has been tougher than ever for India Bentley. With London in ruins and crops dying, nothing seems right. Little does she know that he was actually searching for Ironheart, a legendary fortress containing the secrets of the ancient worlds. A place that could save humanity … or destroy it forever.

Whisked away with expert tech-hunter, Miss Verity Brown and her android bodyguard, Caculus, she must venture to Siberia to finish her father’s labour. However, other greedy people are searching too, for instance, the terrifying oil baron Lucifer Stone and his son, Sid – but what lies underneath the ice is not as they expect….. “If India fails, it won’t just be her father who pays the price. It’ll cost her the entire Earth.”IMG_0894

On their journey, they pass the main town (Angel Town), on a train to Salekhard, where they board The Beautiful Game, a pirate rig controlled by the captain, Bulldog. But the story ends with a twist – not at all as Ironheart seems to be.

I liked this book because fantasy and a bit of SF is my thing, so if you are the same, go ahead! With creatures, monsters and shamans (the list is endless), this could possibly haunt your dreams (not really). With mysteries and secrets, you will always want to continue reading. My favourite part is when Bulldog tells India that if you touch the freezing metal you’ll stick to it! And if you do you’ll need a friend to pee on you!

“Don’t touch the metal without your gloves on! Your skin will freeze to it in a second and then there’s only one way to get you off.”

 “Which is?”

 “ You get a friend to pee on you. Of course it helps if it’s a good friend!”

My favourite character is the android Calc. He is one of the bravest characters in the book, with valiant characteristics. He journeys with the tech-hunter. He is also “the only one of his kind.” (which is a Chapter in the book).

I would recommend this book to children aged 9-13, but not lower than nine, because it is a bit scary (not for me, I’m 10!). This would be an excellent and pertinent book for SF lovers, or adventure lovers. If you are interested in Siberian tribal people, this would be perfect! (Mountain Spirits, Shamans, Soul Voyagers and the Reindeer People – all to do with Siberia.) Thanks for reading, and if you feel like reading this book, go ahead!

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“Mankind is not yet ready for its secrets. If the pieces of the Sun Stone are brought together too soon, they will bring about the end of the world….”

Coming in January 2015.