Book reviews by children, for children – Private Peaceful (Michael Morpurgo)

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  • 5th February 2014

REVIEWER: Jordan, aged 10


by Michael Morpugo

Private Peaceful is an action packed book set in the First World War.

The main characters in this story are Charlie and Tommy, who are brothers. Charlie, the eldest, is a clever boy who likes to take risk but he also helps Tommy all the time. Tommy is a good and helpful boy. They get into lots of trouble together.Private Peaceful despecced

Charlie and Tommy are forced to go to war or they could lose their house. At war they experience many terrible things, including Charlie getting shot in the foot. They fight alongside each other and when Charlie wants to help Tommy, who gets stuck in the mud, he has to make a big decision.

I liked the character of ‘Big Joe’ the best. I especially enjoyed the part when Tommy finds ‘Big Joe’ who was missing and everyone cheered when they found him.

This book is great!

It is suitable for children aged 10 and over.