This Saturday we looked at similes and metaphors with some amazing stories being written by our young writers. We even had some time for poetry! Children are natural poets so it is always a pleasure to write with them. Here is some of their work…


OUR FAMILIES (and other animals)

My dad is like a squirrel because he always hides all the treats seahorse-sea-horse-clip-art-image-5-2

and then eats them.


My brother is like a cockerel because he wears colourful clothes


My dad is like a giraffe because he is so tall

and my mum is like an octopus because she does lots of things

at the same time


My dad is like a fox because he is sly and cunning


My brother is a rabbit because he is softcute-octopus-clipart-lcke6jbca


My baby sister is a  sea horse because she cannot walk

and she is very slow.



I wish my hoover could hoover all my thoughtsk12349622

and make them into reality. (Khalil)

I wish I had self cleaning teeth. (Hasan)

I wish I could talk to plants (Naima)

I wish my car would fly by itself

and print out £50 notes. (Sona)

I wish my candle would light up when I click my fingerstalking-to-plant

I wish I could breathe under water and  (Kai)

I wish colds did not exist (Izabela)


We hope you enjoyed our poems!

Angels Gimeno


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