Teen Beach Movie (The book of the film) – BOOK REVIEW

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  • 27th June 2016

152902-ml-1112024Teen Beach Movie (The book of the film)

Reviewer: Elizabeth Wynn

The main two characters in this book are Brady and Mack. In Wet Side Story there was Lela and Tanner and the Biker Gang and The Surfers. Lola was a biker but Tanner was a surfer. In the story two people get transported to the film ‘Wet Side Story’ and don’t know how to get back. They also change the plot of the film so they have to change it back.

I think the book was great and it was fun to read. It was scary when Mack and Brady almost drowned. It was funny when Dr Lee pulled off his moustache. I love this book and found out that surfing is fun. I would recommend this to someone that loves a sunny day and adventures. It is suitable for any gender.