The Voyage – Book Review

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  • 12th November 2019

The Voyage by Robert Vescio and Andrea Edmonds. 

Displaced by war and conflict, a refugee family sets out on a voyage into the unknown. 

We recently received this gorgeous book for one of our young readers to review. It is a book that deals with the themes of war and displacement in a child-friendly and sensitive way. The words are quite difficult for a young child to understand so for that reason we would recommend it to children aged 7 and over. 

This is Charlotte’s book review (she is in Year 3):

Hello, my name is Charlotte and i will be reviewing The Voyage by Robert Vescio and Andrea Edmonds. 

I have really enjoyed this book because I have learnt a few new words like chaos, voyage and companion. I loved the pictures and illustration as they were very bright, colourful and sometimes even funny. My favourite character was the duck because it was funny but also brave because it was staying with humans and fleeing its home. 

My favourite page was the companion page because all the sea animals had friendship within them, for example when they were all smiling and happy even though the humans were on the sea where they lived. 

Overall I enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to younger children who are just learning to read. 

Charlotte Bitz.