Book Review: Hamish and the Worldstoppers by Danny Wallace

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  • 21st September 2015

Review by Aaryan Chauhan aged 9



Hamish and The Worldstoppers

by Danny Wallace

Funny, descriptive, imaginative and extremely exciting is how I would describe Hamish and The Worldstoppers.

The story is about what happens when the whole world stops. The cars stop, the birds stop flying and smoke stops in the air. When the world stops, The Terribles come! Hamish Ellerby is a normal ten year old boy but he becomes the leader of the PDF. The PDF are a group of children who are trying to stop The Terribles and to stop the world from stopping. Can Hamish save the world?

My favourite part is when Hamish goes into The Sweet Shop that Madame Cous Cous owns. It would be so amazing to have a sweet shop like that next door and to be able to go in every day with money to buy sweets from all around the world for only £1.00.

I would recommend this book to people who have a great imagination. It is great for children of 9 years old and over. It is also good for people who like happy endings.