Book Review by Molly aged 6 – The Snake Who Came to Stay (Julia Donaldson)

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  • 17th December 2014

The Snake Who Came to Stay

By   Julia   Donaldson

This book is about a girl called Polly who loved snakes and wanted one and finally she got one called Doris from one of her friends. Her friend said, “Doris has a heater. But keep her in the hottest room the house.” Polly lost the snake and someone saw the snake’s skin but it took a long time to find Doris. My favourite person is Polly. Her best friend is Katy. I like Polly because she is nice.   When she went to   Katy’s house the guinea pigs went, “Oooeeek!” I think that was funny! If you want this book it is at Enfield library.


By Molly aged 6 (with some help from mum!)