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Book Reviews

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  • 22nd January 2019

From pupils at Albourne C of E School in West Sussex

LITTLE DARLINGS – by Jaqueline Wilson

In this breath taker of a story there are two girls one, a little girl with an extraordinary voice, the other an amazing song writer. In this story there are contests , fights and most importantly it is dramatic!

I love this story it is one of my favourites . I recommend this book to 9-15 year olds.

By Isla aged 8

Karate Kid book – by R M Kaman

In my opinion the book is good if you like karate. This is about a man called Mr Miyagi who taught Daniel karate. My favourite  part is the Skeleton part.

By Charles aged 8


Honey, the Abandoned Puppy.  Animal magic rescue. By Tina Nolan 

In this devastating book Animal Magic Rescue are super busy but Eva (a girl that works at the rescue centre) goes out with her friend Annie and finds an abandoned dog called Honey. When she sees missing posters with the name Honey – saying that there is a £9000 reward if found she’s confused. Will she find out who dumped sweet Honey?

 I think this book is amazing it’s sad and happy it is also a series of books the next book is Charlie the Home – alone Kitten – animal rescue

I would give it FIVE out of five

I would recommend this book to children that like animals

     by Ellie aged 8

The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton By Enid Blyton

This book is REALLY GOOD and I recommend that YOU read it this very moment! I got hooked in from the first word! SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!   

If you dislike this book I disagree. If you think its only for children you’re wrong!

It have read it in 2017 but It is still my favourite book. I recommend if you like The Faraway Tree I think you should read The wishing chair.

Story line

There are three children called Jo, Bessie and Fanny. These three children move house in a forest. One day the go out to play in the forest and they make a friend and all four of them go up a magical tree to different dimensions. In one there’s a policeman in an upside-down  world and he makes Jo do a headstand. They only have a certain amount of time to be in the world.


Do I think this book is for adults? No, I think anyone can read it.

 Do I like it? Yes, that’s because I’m doing a review.

How many stars do I give it? 

Is it one of my favourite books? Yes!

Book review by Keira age 8