Limerick Fun

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  • 11th December 2019

In our final session before the Christmas holidays last night we had great fun writing class limericks. Each line was written by a different student ….

Here are the  best ones:


There was an old man called Tommy

who lived with a weird wooden dummy

one day the cat ate

his weird wooden mate

and got splinters inside his tummy.


There was a sad man named Todd

who in my opinion was odd

he’d randomly yell

and sell cats in a cell

whilst eating chocolate and cod.


Once there was a cat

who wore his tail in a plait

he looked very pretty

had a love for New York City

until he decide to turn into a hat.


There was a young man from Peru

who liked to chew his shoe

no one was fond of this Peruvian

whose middle name was Julian

and had an odd dog who’d moo.


There was a donnie called Ronnie

who always voted Tory

he didn’t like Brexit

in fact he dreaded it

so one day he ate a lorry.


Written by Konstancia, Allan, Hugo, Cem, Angelina, Maria-Nephele and Helena.