Saying Goodbye to Barkley – Book Review

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  • 5th April 2019


Saying Goodbye to Barkley by Devon Sillett and Nicky Johnston

I have read a book called ‘Saying Goodbye to Barkley.’ It is about a girl named Olivia who had a dog called Barkley. Olivia and Barkley loved catching bad guys and sniffing out clues to find thieves. One day Barkley died and Olivia was so miserable. One sunny morning she asked her mum to go to the pet shop so they could rescue a dog. After searching for a long time she found a dog to adopt called Spud. He was a terrible sidekick. Although Spud was not like Barkley she loved him. 

I enjoyed reading this book because Olivia never gave up catching the bad guys because she found a dog she loved very much and was adorable. I would recommend this book to 5-7 year olds. 

Review by Anaya aged 8

This book was about a dog called Barkley who was best friends with a girl called Olivia. Barkley and Olivia did everything together from doing good deeds to catching the bad guys. They were perfect friends but one day Olivia’s mum said that Barkley needed to retire from being a sidekick. Olivia carried on being super but it wasn’t as exciting as it was with Barkley. One day Barkley was gone. Olivia was upset for a while but then she though Barkley wouldn’t Olivia to stop being a superhero so she decided to rescue a dog named Spud. Spud was nothing like Barkley. He was a terrible sidekick. Olivia accepted the fact that he was nothing like Barkley but decided to like him because of the way he was. I like the story and the illustrations. I liked the part when Olivia wanted to make Barkley proud because it shows that she cares about Barkley. I liked the illustrations because it expresses the characters’ emotions to the reader. 

Review by Keya aged 9