Songwriting Workshop

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  • 14th February 2019

Oh, what a treat we had on our Teens’ Writing Course on Tuesday 5th February! Ben Maier, singer, songwriter and poet, came to run a fun-filled songwriting workshop for our group of talented writers. With Ben’s guidance, we listened to music, paid attention to lyrics, learnt about the anatomy of a song and then wrote our own. There were songs on love, loss, belonging, cats, dogs, adventures… and of course, apple pie! Ben was impressed by the standard of writing and the enthusiasm and kindness shown within the group. Not only did the young writers (and musicians) write their songs – they sang them and some (who we are totally in awe of) played their instrument (ukulele and guitar) to accompany their song. And to top it all we had Lucianna (aged 18!), singer and songwriter, finish off the evening with a live singing of her brilliant song – Double Vision…

Press play to listen.

She was amazing and very inspirational to all in the room.

Listen to Lucianna’s song:Red – here

Keep an eye on the website as we would like very much to invite Ben and Lucianna back for some more music fun!