WOW! What wonderful stories and poems were entered into The Story Room Summer Competition 2017. Thank you to all who entered their wonderful writing. The standard of the writing was very high and it was not easy to choose the winners but after much discussion,  deliberation and re-reading we did… and DRUMROLL…. we are delighted to announce that the winners of The Story Room Summer Competition are….

IN THE 9-12 category

In 1st place

  • Cem (12) – Lost and Found written in our ‘Lost and Found’

In joint 2nd Place

  • An Nguyen (9) – A Treasure Box written in our Treasures workshop
  • Khalil Suddle (9) – Why, Why Would My job be the Death of Me? written in The Bigger Picture workshop

Our Runner-up

  • Dominic Kamel (10) – The Man in the Attic story written in our ‘Who’s There?‘ workshop

IN THE  5-8 category

In 1st place

  • Emma Simons (8) – In My Treasure Box written in our Treasures workshop

In 2nd place

  • Neil Puthur (7) –  Icyfya and the Greedy Pirate written in our  Building Characters workshop

Our Runner-up

  • Max Charalambous (5 )-  Chocolate Bar Story written in The English Rebellion workshop

ALL THE SUPER WINNING ENTRIES CAN BE READ BELOW! We hope you enjoy the writing as much as we did.


This is Eden – Cem aged 12

Natty comes from Nigeria; she is a second generation immigrant. Her parents moved to the Unitary State of Eden, in the cultural capital of Umsatri. Eden is a free, isolated nation with a population of about 90 million, situated along the coast of Bangladesh. The people are from ethnic groups from all over the world.

Natty’s Diary

My name is Natty. I live in Umsatri, in a small flat in the second district with my friend Dave. I have a job working for the local district council in the humanities department.

I work for my food package which I share with my friend Dane. We share everything and live under the moral code of ‘sharing with those less fortunate’. We have an ideology of mutual utopianism – we are not given money or have belongings for the two morals of Eden state that ‘money is the root of greed’ and ‘owning possessions is forbidden until rights are universal’

Laws can be manipulated by governments; Eden has no laws, only codes.

But I have broken a code. Before my mother left Nigeria she made a ring of beads, not telling my father.

She passed it onto me.

If the moral enforcers find out I am owning something, I will be in so much trouble.

I understand that clinging to possessions makes it easy for others to manipulate us- but I loved my mum and I don’t want to give up ‘my’ ring of beads….

It is hard to live in Eden.


An Nguyen aged 9 inspired by Norman Rockwell’s painting Grandpa’s Treasure Chest




Why, Why Would My job be the Death of Me?- Khalil aged 9

Once upon a twilight there lived a man. This man was a video game tester, his name was Criston. Criston lived on a tall hill called Parkway. He owned a tiny property that could only fit one room. Criston had made a games room. A tiny TV, a red couch and a game console was all he needed.

2666 The second Fire of London…

People fled in terror from the fire. But the man didn’t . He did live in London but when you live on a 60ft high hill you are not really caught by the fire. So, the man carried on his daily life.

Video game test

Chicken Takeaway

Video game test

Video game test

Video game test

He was just about to test another video game when…

“Ow!”cried Criston. “My back, my arms, my legs, my feet, my hands, what’s happening?” he shouted.

He was now trembling in great pain. He just about managed to call the ambulance and they rushed him to hospital.

The next day he found out that his eyes had been critically damaged, his fingers were fractured and the rest of his body was falling to bits. All the video gaming had done this to him. It didn’t help that the hospital had been on fire.

Later, when he had just managed to get home he lay on his couch and said his last words: ‘Why, why would my job be the death of me?”


The Man in the Attic – Dominic Kamel aged 10

I stepped into the empty, eerie room. The attic to my new house was stranger and emptier than I had expected. The floorboards creaked under my weight and a shattered mirror glistened in the moonlight, shining like every star in the dark sky. The arms of trees hit the cracked windows menacingly. The ominous, ice-cold breeze made every hair stand on end on my shivering, shaking arms. Rotten smelling wood was scattered across the old battered floor. Soft, silky cobwebs stroked my skin. Hearing a scrambling mouse scuttling out of the room gave me a big fright. The horrible stench of a rotten carcass of an animal filled my nostrils. I could taste old dust in my mouth clogging up my throat, making it harder to breathe. I heard an owl twooting in the distance.

Suddenly, I noticed an old man, with a pale white face. He wore a green and dusty lice-infested hat. Clothed in a suit (that was much smarter than he was) he gave me a deathly stare. Then, in a low grunt, he whispered “What do you want?”


In My Treasure Box…  Emma Simon aged 8

In my treasure box I will put:
One ridiculous rose
Two fragile fungi
Three priceless pigs
Four courageous coins
Five monstrous marbles
Six ancient apples
Seven awesome animal droppings
Eight borrowed butterflies
Nine dangerous daisies
Ten splendid slimes. 

And I’ll hide it  under a precious flower pot. 


Icyfya and the Greedy Pirate – Neil Puthur  aged 7

Once lived a robot called Icyfya. He had a gold coloured head which he could break open to make fake gold and had two wings (one red and one blue). The red shoots fire, the blue ice. His scales were very delicate.

One day he was on a cliff (with some riches) and as soon as he got there he kicked his head open for the riches.  His head turned into fake gold which landed with the riches hiding Icyfya’s body.

Along came a greedy pirate and soon he was about to touch the treasure. Icyfya shot fire into his face.

“OK, OK” said the pirate, “I won’t steal any more treasure, now can you let me go?”

“OK,” Icyfya replied. “But I’ll be watching you.”

And that is how Icyfya ensured that the pirate did not steal treasure.

The End.


Chocolate Bar Story  – Max Charalambous aged 5

One day we were going to have a picnic on Mars. I am a smartie!  I built a Double Decker Rocket Rocky Ride. I went to pick up my friend, then we went to Milky Way. I whispered to my friend,  “this is fun”. I boosted the rocket and it flew off and twirled around.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! We really enjoyed reading your stories.

See you all soon.