The Highland Falcon – letter to Elisa Paganelli

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  • 11th November 2020

Cara Elisa,

Ciao! I run a Book Club for  a group of year 4, 5 and 6s who love to read! They are a fun and eloquent bunch who really love detectives stories and reading The Highland Falcon was a real treat for them. They loved the drawings so I wrote down what they told me they liked best about them and here is a transcript of what I typed up: 

I liked the picture of Lady Lansbury the best as it was very detailed. I liked the patterns and the shades of her clothes and I also liked the jewellery. The pictures really helped me identify who the characters were.  (Hayley) 

My favourite picture is the one at the end where Harrison is with his family at the train station as there is lots of detail in it and although they are focusing on the family but you can still see the bustle of the train station. It is a happy picture because he sees his baby sister for the first time.  (Samaara)

I liked the picture of when Harrison climbs up the train and is clinging on. It gave me a better view of that scene in the book. You can see the wind and how fast the train is going. (Isabel) 

My favourite picture is on the front cover as it really showed that the story was going to be about an adventure on a train and a thief. I like to know what a story is about when I see a front cover and I thought that the cover was just right. (Amy)

The picture I liked the best was on page 66, It has a lot of details and shows the area of the train’s engine. It gave you a lot of detail and showed the leaves blowing in the wind. It is eye-catching. It made me shiver because Harrison is outside and looking down into the coals and he could fall. (Charlie) 

My favourite picture was the one of  magpie holding the jewel in its mouth as the one on the cover does not have the jewel. So it shows that is going to steal the jewel. The sly look in eye makes him look evil and I also think the picture show Harrison to be a talented artist. (Florence) 

The one of the princess is my favourite. It shows the Atlas Diamond really well and it shows how I imagined it in the book. I also liked the drawing of Lucy,  as she has a simple look  but her glasses make her eye-catching and her hair is  how she is exactly how she is described exactly. The pictures of the characters at the front of  the book helped me a lot. Without the pictures I would have been stuck as I was confused by the characters of  Lydia and Lady Lansbury. (Freya) 

Thank you for illustrating a wonderful book so beautifully. It added to the children’s enjoyment and understanding of the book. They look forward to seeing more of your drawings in other Adventures on Trains books. 

Distinti saluti.  

Helena and Book Club!