The Year of the Rat – By Clare Furniss

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  • 29th June 2016

Dear Clare,

I run a book club with a lovely bunch of 12-15 years old who, I have to say, are not easy to please! Last month I chose ‘The Year of The Rat’ for them to read and they all loved it! I read the first chapter to them at Book Club and for once there was silence, so I had a feeling it was going to be a success.

I managed to get some of them to put pen to paper to express what they thought and here is what they had to say.

I read your book, The Year of The Rat. I really enjoyed it as the relationships in it were interesting. I liked how the mother kept coming back to see Pearl.   Miriam

I absolutely loved your book! It was a page turner. I read the whole book in only 3 hours! Caitlin (I did try to encourage Caitlin to write more but she said she thought her note ‘said it all’!

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book, ‘The Year of the Rat’. I found this book had a really good dilemma and how the girl went on a journey in the book. I found it really interesting but sad at the same time. My favourite character was the Grandma because she has such a bold personality. Ellie

We are always looking for new books to read, so do let us know of your new ones and if you are ever in North London and want to pay us a visit, you are more than welcome. I will be choosing ‘How not to Disappear’ in the near future.

Best wishes,


(The Story Room)