Book Review – The Land of Far Beyond By Enid Blyton

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  • 21st July 2015

The Land of Far Beyond

By Enid Blytonthe-land-of-far-beyond-5

Five main characters in this book are children and their names are: Anna, Peter, Patience, Lily and John. The other five main characters are adults and their names are: Mr. Scornful, Mr. Fearful, Miss Simple, Dick Cowardly and Gracie Grumble.

The main characters (as mentioned in the paragraph before) have had their heavy burdens of evil made visible and hard to carry. They have to go to the City of Happiness in The Land of Far Beyond to get rid of their burdens. First, they have to go to a guide’s house so he can give them the directions. He tells them to stay on the path but they keep on wandering off it, leading them into all kinds of danger. Some of the places they end up in are the Marsh of Dishonesty, the Castle of Desolation, and the City of Folly.

My favourite part of the story is when Anna, Peter and Patience meet a wonderful, kind man just outside the City of Happiness. The man takes their burdens from them and this allows them to go into the City of Happiness. The man’s name is Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

I would give this book 100/100 and would recommend it to adventurous Key Stage 2 children.


Reviewed by
Mary-Ellen Dyson
Age 8