Book Review – ‘The Naughtiest Girl Again’ By Enid Blyton

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  • 19th July 2015

The Naughtiest Girl Again

The Naughtiest Girl Again is a great book including interesting characters like Elizabeth, Robert, Joan, Kathleen and many more! The main character in this book is Elizabeth, the naughtiest girl. She did lots of bad things and got punished for them! She finished the school year with bad results and bad behaviour so she was not allowed to be class monitora or have any other important duties. This made Elizabeth even more frustrated so she decided that she would start the next year on a new leaf! She would become happier and self-controlled, but Elizabeth had to work extremely hard to be better and stronger!

In the next term Elizabeth decides she wants to improve in school and learn more and she said that it all started to happen! She made lots of friends like Robert and Joan, she became gardening monitor with John(another friend she made), she also became neater with her work and less hot-tempered. BUT… A girl called Kathleen comes along and ruins her hard work.

Kathleen was jealous of how Elizabeth had improved and become a friendly girl. She began to hide her books and hide her pets and Elizabeth got  told off and everyone thought she had become the naughtiest girl AGAIN!

If you are into interesting books like this, then why don’t you read The Naughtiest Girl Again by Enid Blyton?


By Serena Shah aged 11