Book reviews: Skellig by David Almond

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  • 7th March 2016

Skellig by David Almond

Reviewer: Katerina aged 9

There are a lot of characters in this book. It is about a boy called Michael. I really like the way David Almond creates tension in the story. It starts with Michael moving house. He then finds something amazing in the garage; a new friend.

I quite liked the book but it needed more action. I only say that because I am an adventure person.

I recommend it to children aged 7 plus because there are swear words.

Reviewer: Mary-Ellen aged 8


The characters in this book are Skellig, Michael, Mina and Michael’s baby sister. I think Skellig is compassionate. Michael is adventurous, Mina is thoughtful and the baby is, well, as baby.

The book is about a boy called IMG_1700Michael and he finds a thing called Skellig.

I enjoyed the book. It taught you a lot about nature. It was fun, and a very real life book. I liked that.

I would recommend it because it is extra, extra, extra, EXTRA good in many ways.

Reviewer: Roman aged 11IMG_1710

There were a lot of characters in this book but the main characters were Michael and Mina. If you like birds you will love this book because there is a lot of information about birds. Mina is very interested in birds and knows a lot about them. She helps Michael by talking to him about his baby sister who is very ill and reassures him that she will be ok. She also keeps a big secret about what Michael has found in the garage.

I liked this book and thought it was good. I would recommend it to children aged 8-12 years old

Reviewer: Yasmine aged 9IMG_1704


There is a girl named Mina, who is homeschooled, and loves studying birds of all kinds. She is friends with Michael who has moved house to Falconer Road, leaving behind everything.


In this story story Michael moves house and makes friends with Mina. They put all their efforts into helping a poor man, living in Michael’s ‘garage’. It is fun to read because there are parts when you just can’t stop reading, because something exciting is about to happen.


I like this book because the author treats the readers as if they are adults because the language he uses is grown up. My favourite part is the ending and we know that Michael and Mina will be the best of friends.

I would recommend this book for all ages, especially people who like unexpected things to happen.

Reviewer: Jake aged 9IMG_1697

The main characters in this book are Michael and Mina. Michael was an okay character but I didn’t like Mina very much, especially because she didn’t go to school.

Skellig really didn’t do  much in the middle. But I did like what they named the baby.

This book is suitable for children aged 9 plus, because of the language.

Artist: Niamh aged 11

skellig - Niamh



Reviewer: Leah aged 9

Michael is a boy who has just moved house. Mina helps him settle in and together they became friends.

Michael steps into the crumbling garage. He finds a human lying on the ground. The only person he could trust was his friend Mina. Together they uncover who he really is.

I prefer books that have a lot of action and adventure in them, so this book wasn’t for me.






Artist: Bella aged 10

Bella 2